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Randy Ball

Randy Ball

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Artist, actor, writer, fencer, and master picture framer Randy Ball is Proprietor of Blue 7 Gallery in Santa Monica and Founder of the Blue 7 Collective Group of visual artists. The Gallery presents interesting, important, and different work by local area artists, and offers reasonably-priced custom framing through its own Artistic Picture Frames shop.

An accomplished stage actor, Randy has appeared with the Morgan-Wixson Theatre in Santa Monica; the Westchester Playhouse, and equity waiver theatres in L.A. He has also been seen between bites on the dinner theatre chain in the Southeastern U.S. His roles range from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams. He has also participated as a non-singing actor in a number of local opera productions, and is seen in NPF's documentary film, "Volunteers for Verdi". Randy's stage skills include competitive as well as theatrical fencing. He studied with legendary fencing choreographer Ralph Faulkner, and served as assistant instructor at Falcon Studios from 1979 until Mr. Faulkner's death in 1987. Hawkins, his novel based on Faulkner's Hollywood years, is rich with historic film personalities and the colorful characters prominent in fencing. Undoubtedly, his experiences with Mr. Faulkner also shaped his two-act play, The Lost Dance, about the legendary Japanese dancer - Michio Ito - who performed at the Falcon Studios. Randy's one-act play, The Leaf, was presented as part of NPF's 30th anniversary retrospective production. .