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Randy Ball

Randy Ball

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Randy Ball has appeared onstage at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre in Santa Monica, the Westchester Playhouse, and other equity waiver theatres in L.A. in roles ranging from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams. He is seen carrying a halberd in NPF's documentary film, "Volunteers for Verdi".

The Leaf, a one-act play authored by Randy, was presented as part of NPF’s 30th anniversary retrospective production. The Lost Dance, his play about Japanese dancer Michio Ito, was performed at The Falcon Theatre.

Randy’s stage skills include fencing, which he studied under legendary fencing choreographer Ralph Faulkner. In his novel, Hawkins, the world of competitive fencing is rocked by the discovery that a gentrification development in Hollywood is masking a revenge conspiracy against an aging fencing master.

He is also a photographer and skilled picture framer.