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  Wolf Bukowski's Head Games (Video) (48 K)
Head Games (Video)

Due to our recent success in producing videos, short films and micro-budget features (shot on digital video, super-sixteen, or thirty-five millimeter film stock) for less cash than it normally takes to rent a stage in this town for a four-week run, we currently encourage our playwrights to consider the benefits of adapting their works to other media, even while aiding them in writing to the needs of various theater venues in Los Angeles and elsewhere.  

Examples of NPF projects which began as plays then warped into other media are Wolf Bukowski's HEAD GAMES -- which we first presented as an evening of thoughtful theater at The Complex in Hollywood, before we produced a much-shown video adaptation of one portion of the play for Channel 16 in Santa Monica -- and Jon Stevens' IRISH WHISKEY, which was first read in our regular biweekly playwrights' workshop, then was redeveloped as a film script and became a feature-length motion picture co-produced by New Playwrights Foundation in association with Jon's Irish Whiskey Productions.