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Over more than 40 years of NPF's existence, the Foundation has produced members' plays and performance pieces as well as having helped members to rethink, rewrite, edit, and find producers or theaters for these new works.

Although New Playwrights Foundation lost its theater near Fairfax and Olympic in 1989 due to zoning changes in the Carthay Circle neighborhood, the group has been able to get more of its members' plays produced by submitting them to (and, in some instances, by co-producing with) local theaters.

Examples of NPF members' plays being produced are: Jeff Bergquist's THE LEGEND OF LAM-ANG and THE MANILAMEN which were quite successfully staged at (respectively) the Embassy Auditorium and Loyola Marymount; Paul Bojack's RAZOR BLADES / BARRICADES -- presented at KingKing's; and Crispin Ramos' trilogy, BLIND CORNERS, BLIND ALLEYS and BLIND SPOTS-- which toured throughout California.

In 1992, BLIND ALLEYS won the prestigious Palanca award for a production in Cebu (Philippines), as did BLIND LANES in 1999. In 1997 Ramos also won a Palanca for RETURN TO SANTANDER, developed in the NPF workshop.

A musical adaptation of GIFT OF THE MAGI, written by Jeff Bergquist with songs by Dan Marcus, was commissioned by Crispin Ramos for production in Cebu and for years was presented as the Garden Theater's annual Christmas show.